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Our foundation vice chair, Lynn Pechuekonis, published a book! Man of Sterling Worth: Professor William A. Saunders of Storer…

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John Wesley Church

While the iconic St. Peters Roman Catholic Church in Lower Town is surely the most well-known religious building in…

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Walking Through History

The U.S. Civil Rights movement can be said to have been advanced in Harpers Ferry, not only by the…

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Bolivar Project Earns Excellence in Preservation Award

The rescue of a distinctive historic home in Bolivar has been recognized…

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Is It Spring Yet?

Like you, we are eagerly waiting for the weather to improve so that we can get outside and partake…

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Delores Foster

Recollections of Growing Up in Harpers Ferry

By Dolores Jackson Foster

Ms. Jackson Foster is a Foundation board member and native of Harpers Ferry. After graduating from…

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In Memory of a Special Teacher

By Lynn Pechuekonis, Foundation Board Member

If you have ever visited Cedar Hill cemetery, you may have noticed one gravestone…

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Who was “OB”?

By Bonnie Zampino, Foundation Board Member

Carved deeply in the white-painted wooden trim of an exterior doorway of a yellow…

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Happy Holidays and New Year from Us to You!

‘Tis the time of year where residents of Harpers Ferry go from living in a beautiful and historic town…

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We’re Famous… In Crawford County, Iowa!

Well, not the Foundation exactly, but our own Bonnie Zampino was recognized last month in the Denison Bulletin Review

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