The Foundation is overseen by a Board of Directors, each of whom is a community member committed to advancing our mission. In addition to generously donating their time and energy, they meet monthly to administer our fiscal policy and overall direction of the organization. The Board may have up to fifteen members. Directors are elected by the membership for three year terms.


Ed Wheeless

Ed Wheeless is a professional software engineer. He formerly served as a member of the Harpers Ferry Town Council, Harpers Ferry Budget and Finance Committee, Harpers Ferry Planning Commission and Harpers Ferry Landmarks Commission. He currently serves as a board member for the Harpers Ferry Park Association.

Vice Chair

Lynn Pechuekonis

Lynn Pechuekonis and her husband are owners of Rockhaven B&B, a 1920s stone foursquare in Harpers Ferry, and are recipients of the Foundation’s 2019 Excellence in Historic Preservation award. She is also a freelance writer, after working in communications for 17 years with the University of Virginia’s School of Education.


Nadine Snowden

Born in Baltimore, Nadine Snowden is a third-generation resident of Harpers Ferry/Bolivar. After retiring from teaching, Nadine migrated back to the area and resides in the family home. As a child, while visiting with her grandparents, Nadine occasionally attended First Zion Church. She has interest in restoring it to a place where neighbors can gather to participate in (and volunteer for) activities that support community. Nadine envisions an area in the church where children can come to get help with homework.


Maria Beckman

Maria Beckman is an attorney and educator. She and her husband were so inspired by the history and beauty of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar that they purchased their Bolivar home less than two weeks after their first visit more than 20 years ago. She believes that understanding and remembering the lives, struggles and achievements of the people who spent time here helps us to feel connected to them, to this place, and to each other.  She is still amazed by the natural beauty of this place and its power to heal.

Board Member

Sandra Marra

Sandra Marra is President and CEO of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. She has 35 years of professional experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Her expertise includes organizational, financial and human capital management, large scale project management, strategic planning development and implementation, and board and staff training and development.

Board Member

Carrie Ellen Gauthier

Carrie Ellen Gauthier is an entrepreneur and commercial investor. She has more than 20 years’ experience in home construction, renovation, and sales. Mrs. Gauthier owns several commercial properties in the towns of Bolivar and Harpers Ferry that have spawned several successful small businesses ranging from restaurants to retail and hospitality.

Board Member

Delores Jackson Foster

Delores Jackson Foster is a native of Harpers Ferry.  After graduating from Shepherd College (now Shepherd University), she taught at her former high school, Page-Jackson High School in Charles Town.   She moved to New Jersey and, after 40 years, retired as an Elementary School Principal.   In 2014 she moved back to Harpers Ferry and spends of her time as a volunteer for community agencies.  She is a proud member of the Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, a community service organization.

Board Member

Deborah McGee

Deborah McGee, a resident of Harpers Ferry for 13 years, is Chair of the Historic Landmarks Commission. She has served as President of the Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Library and is Vice President of the Harpers Ferry Woman’s Club. Prior to earning her Master Degree in Education, she worked for the Public Broadcasting System.

Board Member

Joe Bosco

Joe Bosco was a resident of Harpers Ferry from 2000 to 2005, during which he served on the Historic Landmarks Commission. Mr. Bosco is an architect with over 40 years of experience in the design and project management of many building types, including historic preservation.

Board Member

Betsy Self

Betsy Self lived in Loudoun County for over 45 years and moved to Bolivar 2 years ago. She is currently Vice President of the Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Library Board and Secretary of the Foundation. She volunteers at the Loudoun Hunger Relief facility in Leesburg, VA and has served on numerous boards in Loudoun County over the years.

Board Member

Kevin Twyman

Kevin Twyman has a special connection with the foundation as he is a native of the Harpers Ferry area. He attended what was then Grand View and Harpers Ferry elementary schools. He has a special interest in First Zion church because it was his mother’s family home church and remembers attending it as a youth. He has many interests and currently has his own lawn care service.

Board Member

Rachel Mollohan

Rachel Mollohan moved to the Harpers Ferry area in 2017 after living in Washington, DC for eight years. She is interested in working to maintain the history and charm of Harpers Ferry/Bolivar for generations to come. Rachel and her husband just welcomed a baby boy in November 2020.

Board Member

Bonnie Zampino

Bonnie Zampino has a diverse background in human resource administration, grant writing, case management and workforce development, particularly geared toward individuals with barriers to employment. For several years Bonnie was a writer for Huffington Post, and she has written or contributed to numerous publications on the subject of autism. In her free time Bonnie moonlights as a photographer and an historian with a special interest in the Civil War in Bolivar and Harpers Ferry. Bonnie lives in Bolivar with her son, Brendan.

Board Member

Storm DiCostanzo

Storm DiCostanzo is the CFO and marketing director of an event production company, as well as a writer and musician. Harpers Ferry’s beauty and history first grabbed a piece of his heart in 1976, and he is now proud to call it home. He is passionate about helping bring both towns’ stories to light, and sharing them with the world.

Board Member

Robert G. Case

Robert G. Case is a documentary filmmaker and still photographer whose work appears on National Geographic, the Smithsonian Channel, Discovery and HISTORY. A long-time member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Rob’s work as a visual communicator and story-teller has helped save countless historic structures and landscapes across America. The stories he tells are our stories—fascinating and awe-inspiring stories of our shared history.