October 10, 2021 Blog

The following post is by Jayden Hill, a Boy Scout who lives in Bolivar. He and his troop have been a great help to our Foundation by lending a helping hand on a number of projects. Most recently, they helped us plant the shade garden at First Zion. In this post, Jayden talks about his recent volunteer activities and what he loves so much about Harpers Ferry. Thanks for the guest post, Jayden!

My name is Jayden Hill and I am an active volunteer with the National Park Service. We did things like clean waysigns, clean graffiti, and help lay mulch on trails. Right now I have about 40 hours in volunteer service. It is easy since where I live is surrounded by the Harpers Ferry National Park. Most of the sign cleaning I have been doing is in the Bolivar Heights and Schoolhouse Ridge areas. I’ve also worked down on the rivers, on Jefferson Rock, and in Harper Cemetery.

Most recently I’ve been helping clear an area near Nash Farm so it can be scanned with ground penetrating radar. There are some old, unmarked graves that have been discovered and the Park Service wants to map them all out.

I am active in Boy Scout Troop 6, and work with them on volunteer projects in the Jefferson County area. We held a flag raising ceremony at James Hite Park to remember the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

There are a lot of things I like about HF. The views are beautiful and we are surrounded by hiking trails. There are the two rivers — the Shenandoah and Potomac — to fish, wade, or play in. My favorite restaurant here is Kelley Farm Kitchen. They’re vegan, but have the best food! I also like the ribs at The Anvil. I can get to everything by walking or on my bike.

I’m looking forward to going back to school and seeing all my other friends that weren’t online over the summer. Harpers Ferry Middle is only a couple of blocks from home and I can ride my bike.

Written by Rachel Meyer