February 28, 2021 Blog

Raindrops on roses may be one of our favorite things but raindrops inside a historic building are a different story. A top priority of the Foundation is to shield the First Zion Baptist Church building from the elements to prevent further deterioration of the original historic materials. The old standing seam metal roof has failed and water is infiltrating the nave and pastor’s study. Once we have a water-tight seal on the building, we’ll all breathe a little easier! Towards that end, we are excited to announce that the West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office has awarded the Foundation a grant for a new roof and the Town of Harpers Ferry has generously contributed to the project as well.  But the Foundation will need to raise much more in order to complete the project which will also include replacing the gutters and downspouts and repairing the damaged roof framing and deck. If you are able to help us raise the roof, please write to us at donate@historicharpersferry.org or visit https://historicharpersferry.org/get-involved/donate/.

Written by Rachel Meyer