February 21, 2021 Blog

Welcome to the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar Historic Town Foundation blog! We hope you regularly check in to learn more about the Foundation’s activities and important events around town.

It is especially fitting that our inaugural blog post is going up in February, Black History Month. One of our Foundation’s major focus areas is to showcase the national contributions of African-Americans from right here in Harpers Ferry-Bolivar. Following the Civil War, the town became home to many freed slaves, which gave rise to a thriving African-American community. It is thanks to this community that Harpers Ferry-Bolivar became a location that fostered a number of initiatives and campaigns to advance civil rights nationally.

You can check out our Projects and Initiatives page to learn more about the work the Foundation is undertaking to preserve this history. Additionally, the Foundation is developing an African-American self-guided walking tour of the upper town of Harpers Ferry. If you are interested, reach out to us at info@historicharpersferry.org.

Black History Month reminds us that we still have so much work to do toward healing the evils of racial injustice in our country. However, as our society works toward a brighter future, our Foundation is committed to safeguarding the landmarks and stories that celebrate the many contributions of African-Americans to our Town’s rich history.

Written by Rachel Meyer