September 11, 2023 Projects/Initiatives

The Foundation’s oral history project serves to capture the stories from our region.  Led by trained local volunteers, we aim to document and preserve oral histories from a diverse range of long-time residents and others who have shaped our towns in significant ways.  The project is dedicated to fostering greater understanding and a wider sense of community among the residents of Harpers Ferry and Bolivar.

If you believe that you, or someone you know, would make a good subject for an oral history interview, please let us know. Keep in mind that we are looking for those who have the longest memories of and experiences with the region’s 20th century history and development or about key events that have shaped our local history.  We are particularly interested in capturing lesser-told stories, beyond the principal themes of the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

For further information about the Foundation’s oral history project, or to suggest prospective subjects, please contact us at

Written by Ed Wheeless