November 30, 2021 Blog

Well, not the Foundation exactly, but our own Bonnie Zampino was recognized last month in the Denison Bulletin Review based out of Crawford County, Iowa for her work identifying the unmarked grave of Percy Schofield, a Civil War soldier buried in the Dow City Cemetery.

It’s a remarkable story that begins with Bonnie’s research into the signatures of Civil War soldiers inscribed on the walls of the Harpers Ferry Oddfellows Lodge located at 770 Fillmore Street. You can read the actual article here.

You can also read about the life of John H. Naylor, another Oddfellows signator Bonnie researched, here.

To borrow Bonnie’s quote from the article, “I think their stories mattered and their lives mattered, and they need to be remembered and honored. They’re part of why we get to live the way we live today.”

Written by Rachel Meyer